The IRS Is After You!

Well, not quite…

goviconRather than rehash the whole article on NPR’s website (see link below), as a CPA I just felt it worth a minute or two to warn our clients that never will the IRS call a taxpayer or business directly out of the blue, UNLESS you have already received written notification from them in the US mail… (also, the IRS does not “sue” taxpayers; another sign that what you are hearing is a scam).

Still I myself received one of these voicemails a couple weeks back and for an “instant” my heart missed a beat; and this coming from someone who used to prepare taxes and who has dealt with the IRS in the past.

For anyone out there that may receive this call, it is 100% fake and a scam.  Even more so, if you know any seniors, make sure they are aware of this issue as the scam appears to be targeting our older population in large numbers.

It looks like the government is finally catching up to some of the scammers; for more details, click on the link below from NPR:
Dozens Charged With Scamming 15,000 Victims Through Fake IRS Calls