A Little Knowledge Now Beats a Dozen Aspirin Down The Road

To all businesses out there…

FTP, domain name, email administrator: All Important InformationDo you know who owns and/or controls your domain name (www.MyNameHere.com)? How about the person who administers all your company’s email accounts? (you don’t use AOL still do you???). How about your hosting account? Or who has FTP access to your website?

I know to the average layperson, some of those words above may seem like Greek. BUT, they are vital pieces of information that can save you hours, if not days of aggravation.

Case in point… If your domain was registered by an employee 10 years ago and that person is no longer with your company, who is paying the annual registration fee for the domain name? If that fee should go unpaid, your entire domain name (www.MyNameHere.com) will be turned off, and along with it all your email accounts will be temporarily shut-down as well (no sending or receiving emails). Even worse, it could take 24 to 48 hours to get everything turned on again.

Most of our clients start having panic attacks if their email is interrupted for 15 minutes, let alone 2 days!

Do yourself a favor, stop today and put together an Emergency List of all your technical information that relates to your website and email. Write down who is responsible for what, and what date your domain name registration is due and when it was last paid. Then add that paper to your safety deposit box or office safe/file cabinet (you may also want to add the usernames/passwords for all your vital online accounts as well).

It may only take 20 minutes to put together now, but it may save you days of headaches and dozens of aspirin down the road.