Start 2014 With a Clean Slate!

Start 2014 With a Clean Slate!
Or rather a clean in-box!!

Is your business drowning in spam?  For years we have helped many of our clients take back their in-box and their email.  No longer are they wasting hours of time a week  trudging through hundreds of spam messages.

Using a service called Postini (owned by Google), I myself have personally seen results go from dozens of spam messages an hour, to less than one a day!  How can I say this?  Because not only am I an advocate, I’m a user; I’ve been using Postini now for my own accounts for over 5 years and can’t believe the results.  At one point I was receiving hundreds of spam emails a day (not to mention viruses attached to some of those messages), now its a rare occasion to get one piece of spam.  AND at the end of each day I receive a single list of all messages filtered out by Postini.  In less than a minute I can scan through the summary list to see if there are any valid emails that were mistakenly filtered.  If I find one, I simply click on a button and that email is delivered instantly.

We all use email, we all depend on email.  If your business is suffering from spam, let us know – we can help! At less than a few dollars a month, Postini is a steal when you consider how valuable your time is and how much of it is wasted because of spam.

Let this be Number 1 on your New Year’s Business Resolution list; Take back your in-box!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!